Poundland? I think not.

This is quite frankly, an embarrassment. Do you remember, back in the day, when you strolled into Poundland, clutching your loose change, with that swagger, in the knowledge that you knew what you needed to get and you knew how much it’d be? Well long gone are those days, folks. Poundland is now a guessing […]

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Scran Account E1 – ‘Pizza Omore’ – *** (Love the add-ons, but fundamentally questionable)

Righty ho. New segment time methinks. Let’s do some reviews of local fast-food gaffs, or as I like to call them, kebaberias. Myself and my noble steed were erring on the side of greedy last weekend and combined our hunger with initiative, deciding to order from the leaflet that was shoved through the door. ‘Pizza […]

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The Coffee Shop Catastrophe

This has just come to me. I wanted something to complain about, and I needn’t look any further than any coffee shop….ever. Now I love a cheeky coffee. Un latte is my tipple. A latte? A coffee that is almost completely milk, and notoriously un-masculine? For me? I know, shock horror. But coffee ain’t the […]

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My Issue with Traffic Lights

This one is long, long overdue. It’s not something that everyone would notice, because as someone who is a pedestrian, traffic lights are absolutely smashing things. They allow you to cross the street, with open road ahead of you and with minimal chance of being run over by cars. However, there is a much more […]

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